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Italy x Rome! Reader: Modeling for you

            ' No,' Without a second of hesitation, you answered the Italy with a big fat "no" when he approached you with an adoring smile plastered on his face, his curls bouncing in mid-air as if it was trembling with excitement.

            ' But I haven't asked you yet!' he whined, and shook your arm vigorously with such strength that you could never imagine it coming from the coward Italian nation. You bet Germany would be surprised by his now so powerful strength too.

            ' You have been asking me to pose for you for the, what, past two weeks I think, so I know what are you trying to ask when you come near me with those gorgeous puppy eyes,' You replied coldly and threw all the tomatoes you were currently chopping into the frying pan along with the pasta after turning the stove on.

            ' Posing for me aren't that hard. All you have to do is to stand there and stop moving for a couple of hours! Then I can have a painting of a pretty you for life!' Italy begged again, with his arms thrown around your waist and he hugged you from behind, ' Pretty please with pasta on top?'

             You sniffed and smiled at the pleasant scent of the tomato sauce, with your hands kept on tossing the pasta and tomato around in the pan with the wooden spoon. 

             ' Well I don't think that sounds really appetizing but that's not the point. Yes, posing for you isn't that hard but I have to posed for you naked so that's the hard part,' You said. Guessing there weren't enough taste, you poured two teaspoons of salt into the pan and sizzling sounds were immediately heard. Italy bent down and had a big sniff of what you were cooking, his curl accidentally tickling your left cheek, leaving you with ticklish sensation.

             ' But you have posed for me naked when we were small during the Renaissance, ve!' Italy nuzzled the crook of your neck and protested. Such memories that you wished not to recall flashed before your eyes. You immediately blush, partially due to his action and partially due to those embarrassing memories that you would rather die if anyone other than the Italy brothers knew.

             ' I did that because we were still kids back then, so I was totally fine with that during the Renaissance. And because...' your voice trailed off as the sizzling sound increased, covering your already too soft to be heard sentence, ' I thought you were a girl.'


             He did not respond, and left the kitchen after a couple of seconds of deathly silence with his head dropped.

              ' Hey, the pasta's ready now,' Smiling, you scooped up a spoonful of pasta and placed it onto Italy's porcelain plate. You were certain that he could smell the scent of his favourite food in his entire life but he did not look up with his signature cheerful and carefree face as he usually did.

              You frowned and dropped the fork and spoon, making a silvery 'cling' sound as you did, hands reaching out for the now extremely quiet Italian's cheeks. Cupping his cheeks in your hands, you forced him to look into your eyes, only finding his hazel eyes welled with tears.

              ' Oh Italy...' You stroked his cheeks with your thumbs lovingly, ' What's wrong?'

              ' You thought I am a girl?' He asked and looked away, refusing to meet your glance.

             ' I did think you were a girl when I was small, but I know you aren't one now of course,' You replied. His face lit up for a brief two seconds before it was filled with disappointed facial expression again. 

             ' Then, you won't like me if you think I am a girl?' Italy asked, his eyes blinking hard to stop the tears, ' Cause...I really like you.' 

             ' Like I said, I used to think that you were a girl but I know you aren't one now,' You giggled, leaning forward to kiss the tip of his nose affectionately, ' I won't stop liking you even if I think you were a girl anyway. By the way, it's very sweet of you to tell me that you like me. And I like you too Italy.'

             Scarlet red leaked into his cheeks but you did not notice, for you were diving into the newly cooked pasta and busily trying out its taste. He blinked again, this time not for stopping the tears but for clearing his confusion. 

              It seemed that both of you had different definitions for 'liking somebody'. And he would find a way to tell you eventually, he hoped.

             Normally Italy would seek consultant from Germany when he was facing any problem, but he knew it wasn't any 'normal circumstance' and seeking Germany's help would probably worsen the situation for he would most probably lend him a book called something like '100 ways to confess your feelings for starters' or ' how to express romantic feelings with a rose and a ring'. Ugh, those name sucked, but the point was Italy was smart enough not to ask Germany's help.

             Japan could not help much as he wasn't much of an expert in romance and had issues dealing with his relationship with Taiwan as well. Romano was not an option due to his tsundere-ness and he would most probably recommend Italy to confess with...some words that normal people didn't use for confession, like the f words. His relationship with Spain showed him the not the most perfect candidate for consultant as well.

             So...maybe he would ask France, the king of amour?


              ' Ciao bella, ' Winking flirtatiously, Italy blew a kiss at you as he was walking towards you. Your eyes widened at his Bad Touch Trio like strange behavior. You sniffed, trying to pick up a hint of alcoholic smell coming from the Italian but there wasn't any.

              ' I wonder how can I get on your bed?' He pulled out a bunch of roses from nowhere and handed it to a extremely shocked you. 

              ' What?' You nearly choked on your cup of cappuccino at his words; long and slender right hand fingers lingering on the flowery wrapping paper of the bunch of roses, ' A-are you drunk, Italy?' 

              ' No of course,' A cheerful smile appeared on his face as he reached out for your hand that was holding the bunch of flower and kissed the back of it endearingly,  ' Big brother France said women love men behaving like this! Prussia also said I will be sexier and you will like me more!'

              You made a mental note to tell Hungary about all that and made sure the two perverts would die a painful and gruesome death since since they contaminated Italy's pure and innocent mind with such perverted stuff.

              ' Italy, but I like the way you were more than the way you are now,' Chuckling, you replied as you drew back your hand that was recently kissed by the adoring Italian, ' You are cute and adorable and everyone just love you...'

              You looked away and blushed, avoiding the now extremely happy Italian's glance as you muttered 'and so do I' under your breath. Letting out mysterious 've' sounds, he threw himself towards you, causing your to lost your balance and fell backwards onto the grassy plain of Villa Borghese gardens, knocking over the cup of cappuccino that you were holding in your hands moments ago. You felt people around, who were admiring the perfect scenery of the garden staring at you two, a random woman in her 40s thumbing up at Italy. You blushed as the woman smiled gently, telling her husband that she thought you two would make a cute couple in Italian.

               ' So Bella, you just said you love me?' Placing your hand over his chest, letting you feeling his rapid heart beat and warmth from his body, he looked into your mesmerizing (e/c) orbs and confessed, ' Ti voglio molto bene[1], Rome. Sei tutto per me.[2]'

               Grinning blissfully, you kissed his cheeks lovingly and whispered 'Ti amo' in his ears, causing the bubbly Italian giggling like mad as you did and crashed his lips onto yours, drowning you into a long and indulging kiss.

Extended Ending.

               You only had two hands, but you had three intimate parts on your body so you had no idea how to cover all three with just two hands. Face burning with embarrassment, you refused to step out of the bathroom and let your Italian boyfriend see your beautiful naked body.

               ' Rome!' He begged, waving his paint brush in mid-air as if he was waving his favourite weapon, a.k.a. white flag, ' Come over here and pose for me. There's nothing to be ashamed of. It is art!'

               ' C-Can I pose for you the other day?' You looked at your naked body and asked with quivering voice, ' I...I sincerely don't think it will be a good timing for me to pose for you today...'

               ' Why?' Italy asked innocently with his curls bouncing, trembling with excitement. You sighed, thinking of a not-so-straightforward way to explain about why he could not paint a portrait of a naked you since your body was covered with bite marks and traces of kiss after the excitement of yesterday night.

                You just loved how innocent Italy was, but it would be much more wonderful if he stayed a bit more knowledgeable when it came to France's favourite subject and not just forgot everything about it after he had confessed to you.
[1]:Ti voglio molto bene, I love you very much in Italian

[2]: Sei tutto per me, You are everything to me in Italian

Please tell me if the Italian is wrong since I do not speak a word of Italian. And I apologize for any OOC-ness in the fic if there any. It should be a Italies x Rome! Reader but I think I will write another individual one for Romano later since I just love the idea of Reader-chan posing for Italy NAKED *shot*
Ohonhon looks like my mind is so dirty 

And please tell me if people cannot eat or drink in the Villa Borghese gardens, the gardens I mentioned in the fic since reader-chan is drinking coffee there and I have no idea whether you can do so since I can't find any websites stating no on Google. I planned to write about the Giardino e Rovine di Ninfa at first after I have seen pictures of its magnificent view but later gave up since I saw that you must join a tour if you want to enter the Gardens of Ninfa in a blog. Italy and reader-chan are obviously not joining a tour so I can't use that.
Gardens of Ninfa wikipedia page:…
You can try googling "Giardino e Rovine di Ninfa" as well and you will see such dazzling scenery that everyone would surely fall in love with:)

Anyway, thanks for reading! Comments and favs are highly appreciated^^

Coming up next: England x London! Reader or Salesman! England x CEO! Reader (on the same univerese as the other reader-insert, Security Guard! France x CEO! Reader)

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Don't ask me why Belarus has two versions of reader-insert. Cause she is special and I love her
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