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England x Reader: Guardian Angel
England x  Reader: Guardian Angel
With quite a number of Victorian facts and stuff
Victorian Era. London, Great Britain.

My Guardian Angel 

Dear Angel ever at my side, 
how lovely you must be--- 
To leave your home in heaven, 
to guard a child like me. 
When I'm far away from home, 
or maybe hard at play-- 
I know you will protect me, 
from harm along the way. 
Your beautiful and shining face, 
I see not, though you're near. 
The sweetness of your lovely voice, 
I cannot really hear. 
When I pray, you're praying too, 
Your prayer is just for me. 
But ,when I sleep you never do, 
You're watching over me.

--psalm 91:11-12
                 The snow out there was about four inches thick, with footpr
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Male! Belarus x Reader: Luggage tags
Male! Country! Belarus x Human! Reader
Luggage tags. 
Short fluff

           Belarus could not help but raised an eyebrow when he saw what you were holding in your palm after dashing out from one of those duty free shops selling super expensive but interesting gizmos in the airport. 
            ' Don't check in your luggage yet,' You panted and handed out one of the luggage tags that you were holding, signaling the Belorussian male to attach the tag onto his luggage box , ' You can identify your luggage box easily if you attach these bright coloured little beauties onto your dull luggage.'
            ' Not your bag!' He read the sentences printed on the bright yellow tag aloud as a ghost of a smile escaped his perfecter than most of the models lips. You giggled happily when you attached the other tag onto Belarus' backpack. The tag read "Don't make me chase you" a
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 56 13
Italy x Rome! Reader: Modeling for you
Italy x Rome! Reader: Modeling for you
            ' No,' Without a second of hesitation, you answered the Italy with a big fat "no" when he approached you with an adoring smile plastered on his face, his curls bouncing in mid-air as if it was trembling with excitement.
            ' But I haven't asked you yet!' he whined, and shook your arm vigorously with such strength that you could never imagine it coming from the coward Italian nation. You bet Germany would be surprised by his now so powerful strength too.
            ' You have been asking me to pose for you for the, what, past two weeks I think, so I know what are you trying to ask when you come near me with those gorgeous puppy eyes,' You replied coldly and threw all the tomatoes you were currently chopping into the frying pan along with the pasta after turning the stove on.
            ' Posing for me aren't
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 128 6
Mature content
Security guard!France x CEO! Reader (lemon) :iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 135 24
China x Beijing! Reader: Inches of Paradise
China x Beijing! Reader: Inches of Paradise

With overwhelming amount of history. I hoped to ensure the neutrality of the historical events happened. Please acknowledge me if you find those events inaccurate or not neutral enough since I don't want this fic provoking arguments about certain events mentioned. Sorry for making it sounding so serious.
A pretty sad story about how personifications could not do things according to their wills and act like puppets. Though it's a China reader-insert, he appears only at the last part of the fic so I am sorry for that! Actually it's more like a Hetalia sad story then a reader-insert. I am really sorry please don't kill me!
Please enjoy reading^^

1900, Peking (beijing)  China
               Eight nations. Fifty thousand solders from the enemy side. One corrupted government. One kingdom that was tea
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 95 28
BTT x Tutor! Reader: Biology
BTT x Tutor! Reader : Biology
School theme
            Being one of the top students in science, it did make sense for your Biology teacher to ask you to tutor some students who had bad grades in their past tests.
            But what didn't make sense was that those students you were tutoring were the notorious Bad Touch Trio, the three most popular guys at school who were also known for being pervert-minded. Though you were having quite a good relationship with all of them, you weren't looking forward for being stuck in the very same room with the trio until they had finished the revision and pass the quiz that your teacher had prepared for them. The best part of all? 
            You were going to tutor them about reproduction.
            Oh, just awesome. You knew you were looking forward for that.
             You s
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 125 37
Belarus x Minsk! reader: Like a Magnet
Belarus x reader: Like a Magnet
Warning: Yuri included, i.e. girl x girl material within the fic(unless you, reader-chan,  are a boy_
Lyrics from the vocaloid song 'magnet' included. 
束縛して もっと必要として 


「おかしい」のが たまらなく好きになる


Tying you up, making me more important for you
If you call that love, I will let you see my fidelity
Unresistably in love with you makes me weird in others' eyes
So let's just run away together to wherever we can

:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 125 11
Russia x Moscow! Reader: Addiction
Russia x Moscow! Reader: addiction
At the time of Soviet Union.

Russia is used in the text to represent Ivan/USSR/Russia
Belarus is used in the text to represent Natalia / Belarus (though she was part of the USSR at that time)
China is used in the text to represent Yao/China/PRC
Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance was signed between China and the USSR on the 14th February, 1950.
Советско-китайский «Договор о дружбе, союзе и взаимной помощи»  был подписан в Москве 14 феврал
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 160 36
America x Washington! Reader: ordinary day
America x Washington! Reader: Ordinary Day
         You finished work, ran down stairs just to squeeze into a crowded bus for home. You almost felt like you were one of the tunas stuffed in the tin cans that were sold in the supermarket. People around were just like you, catching the last bus for home. A man in suit next to you was busily fiddling his phone, and the woman adjacent to him, who you bet was his wife was talking to someone on the phone. Judging on her tune, that was their child, probably five or six. And she was telling him/her/them to sleep immediately but the one on the other side of the line obviously refused.
            It reminded you of a small and cute version of America and England. He was always running around, screaming like a wild animal or a ghost was on his tail when England ordered him to sleep. You, were totally different. Like America's quiet and shy tw
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 129 6
Finland x Helsinki! Reader: Lullaby
Finland x Helsinki! Reader: Lullaby 
Móðir mín í kví, kví

Lennä lennä leppäkerttu 

              ' Sealand, it's time to go to bed,' you smiled sweetly at Sweden's adopted son whose eyes were glued to the television. As usual, he refused to go to bed "so early", like he always said when you tried to tuck him in. 
              ' No! Aunt Helsinki! Please don't make me go to bed alone in that cold and dark room!' Sealand curled himself into a ball and begged, tears watering his eyes. You frowned. It was so unlike him. As you remembered, Sealand had never been so frightened to go to sleep alone.
               ' You are not alone. You still got that robot Uncle Japan gave you last Christmas, right? It will keep you safe,' you ruffled his already messy blonde hair a
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 109 16
Heartbroken!France x Paris! Reader:Mend your heart
Hetalia: Heartbroken! France x Paris! Reader: Mend your heart
            France was considering a drink. An alcoholic drink. Something which could allow him to escape from the reality. 
            He felt like his heart was stabbed, thrown onto ground then being stepped on ruthlessly when he saw his long-time obsession,  was burnt to death by his once sworn enemy. France thought he could never cry any more in his entire life after her death. And at that time, France's heart broke into a million pieces and he thought no one could heal it. 
             It was the anniversary of her death today.
            He thought his shattered heart could not be repaired. But yet it could be mended by the one who always loved him, but the self-proclaimed King of Romance could not feel her love for him.
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 142 32
Hong Kong x Reader: Table Sharing
Hong Kong x Reader: Table Sharing
搭檯 daap3 toi2
Which means "table sharing", a culture widespread in certain Chinese restaurants, and in Cha Chaan Teng [1] in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and some regions in China, especially Guangdong. By practicing daap toi, groups of customers having food in the restaurants who may not know each other have to sit together and share the table.

           You flipped through the travel guide about Hong Kong and started searching for a good place to dine. Currently standing in the middle of the crowded and glamorous Causeway Bay,  you were hungry and tired after a day of shopping and wished to feed your hungry stomach.
           Yao's Noodles. Want a taste of the famous wonton noodles? Check out this shop. Nope, you did not want to have a bowl of hot and steamy noodles in a restaurant without air-conditioners.
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 13 4
Hetalia: Germany x Berlin! Reader x Prussia(limey)
Hetalia: Germany x Berlin! Reader x Prussia: Invasion of Vital Region (limey)
A bit limey
          ' Oh, it's France calling. I need to pick up this call,' Paris smiled at you apologetically before answering the call of the King of romance himself, ' Hi there, mon cherie. Oh, a date? Tonight? Um...'
           She sneaked a peek at you with her face full of guilt. You grinned and mouthed " Just say yes" as Paris spun around in frustration, not wanting to leave you like a total asshole but not wanting to say "no" to her long time crush as well.
           ' Sorry, France. I am shopping with Berlin and I just couldn't leave her...Hey give me my phone back !' Paris yelled as you snatched her phone unexpectedly and told the man at the other end of the line that she was completely fine and would date with him tonight.
           ' Thanks Berlin, please tell ma cherie
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 224 47
Pirate! Spain x Reader x Pirate! England: Ch.2
Pirate! Spain x Reader x Pirate! England: The Soft Spot Within My Heart Ch.2
Spain is a bit more likely a Dark! Spain in this chapter
           As days passed, Antonio thought of you more frequently, and he sometimes dreamt of you in his dreams. His feelings towards you had changed from hatred to appreciation, as nobody dared standing up to him and wounding him with his own gun.
           You have a courageous heart and you refused to give up even when facing someone as strong as him, a pirate captain. You were unlike most women he had met, and the Spaniard was attracted to you, not just to your pretty face but also to your unique personality.
           ' Such a strong chica, aren't you,' he smirked, ' Let's see how strong you can be when you are on my bed.'
          It was raining heavily outside the window of the orphanage. The booming of thunders had rattled
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 44 20
Pirate! Spain x Reader x Pirate! England: Ch.1
Pirate! Spain x Reader x Pirate! England: The Soft Spot Within My Heart Ch.1

           Your land was in ruins, people were screaming and running around pointlessly, flames had swallowed many houses, including your most of your friend's. You heard children crying, women begging for mercy, but you could not help. You had already tried your best and brought most of the homeless children and women to your orphanage, but there was too much needed to be save, and you alone could not lend a helping hand to all. You blamed yourself for being weak, and prayed to God silently, hoping those  pirates raiding your land would leave as soon as possible.
           A small hand reached out for yours, and you found it belonged to one of the children at your orphanage. You knelt down and wiped her dirty little face clean with your apron. She giggled, and you managed to squeeze out a smile. Those little angels at the orphanage alwa
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 42 5
Enemy! England x Country! Reader: Ch.2
Enemy! England x Country! Reader: Love is War Ch.2
      "(name),­I love you... " You widened your eyes at his sudden confession. He blushed deeper and looked away, his face now as red as Spain's beloved tomatoes. Muttering something that sounded like "stupid git stop staring at me", he covered his face with his hands. You let out a small chuckle, noting that what Japan had said about England's  personality was absolutely correct.
      "What did you say? Ugh forget it...­ anyway, that's why I don't want to start a war with you. A war could cause many deaths, and I don't want to see you crying over the deaths of your people. I mean¡­you look much more beautiful when you smile..." the last sentence was barely audible but you managed to hear that.
      Somehow England didn't seem to be so much of a jerk right. His words sounded so sweet and caring. You touche
:iconsakurapudding:sakurapudding 33 29


Open Seat: Poland x Reader
Open Seat: Poland x Reader
  Not three seconds after you entered the room, your phone buzzed to let you know that you had just received a text. You pulled out your phone and checked your inbox. 
  'You should totally look that way! -->' You chuckled. You didn't even need to check the name to know who this was from. Sure enough, you looked right and saw Poland enthusiastically waving to you and pointing to an empty seat next to him. Grinning, you speed-walked over to him,
  "Hey, Poland! I thought that this was Lithuania's seat." You rested your hand on the back of the seat just in case someone else really was sitting there. 
  Poland shook his head, "No, that stupid jerk Russia is making Liet sit with him today, it's, like, so not cool of him!" Just to emphasize his distaste towards the situation, he glared at Russia, who simply waved back in a friendly manner. "Oh, we'll like, totally see who's smiling when I make Warsaw your capital!" He yelled across th
:iconeshucreature:EshuCreature 230 131
Open Seat: Male!Belarus x Reader
Open Seat: Male!Belarus x Reader
  You had been in the room for maybe three seconds before two hands clamped down on your shoulders. You let out a small shriek and turned around to be face-to-face with Belarus. He may have been glaring, but you could see that he was really worried, "You said that you would be here by 12:15, and it is already 12:43! Where were you?!" As he said all of this, he was frantically checking you for possible injuries.
  You gently pushed him away. "The traffic was really bad coming here, I'm fine," you said calmly. He stopped searching for injuries, but still seemed irritated, " Then why didn't you tell me?! I've been worried sick about you!" He exclaimed while pulling you back to him. You rolled your eyes and tried to keep at least a few centimeters between you two. "I'm sorry, Belarus. I forgot," you mumbled into his chest, giving up on escaping his grasp.
  All it took was you being nice to him one time. One time. Then you suddenly became the
:iconeshucreature:EshuCreature 649 141
Spain x Reader: Rejection
Here she is.
Here is another girl confessing her love to Antonio Fernández Carriedo, who is just about your best friend. And it probably doesn't help that he is, like, one of the most popular guys in school, and it's probably because of how he is Spanish, how optimistic he is, and how he happens to have just about the cutest butt out of all the guys in the whole entire school.
Yep. That last reason is definitely a reason.
And the poor girl is probably going to get rejected…but she is going to cry for about two days and then return to say that it's okay, she understands. And she hopes to at least be friends.
And he'll smile and say yes.
Happens every time.
"H-hey, Antonio?" she asks softly, holding her hands gently. She is about three shades darker than the tomato Antonio holds in his hand, the one only seconds ago, he was about to eat. And then she interrupted his daily practice. "Antonio, you should know that I…I love you!" She holds out a brown paper bag from the marke
:iconforeverbeforenight:foreverbeforenight 1,111 1,039
Model!IcelandxPhotographer!Reader~ Photo Shoot
"I told you, either show me something I know is capable of matching my standards, or get out. I don't need these self absorbed models or gaudy outfits in any one of my shots." You said bluntly, throwing the multiple profiles back onto the black desk. The supervisor glared, grabbing his belongings and storming out of the office. A loud sigh came from your assistant, who had listened to the argument and was currently cleaning the camera lenses.
"______, this is the sixth request this week you've rejected. You'll need to accept a job sooner or later." Toris said, a worried look on his face. You scoffed, taking a long sip from your drink off to the side.
"You're such a worry wart, T. Didn't I tell you in the beginning that this was going to happen a lot?"
"But still, if you weren't such an amazing photographer, we would have lost customers ages ago."
You chuckled. "It's actually my pickiness that keeps them coming, isn't it? And not to mention we still have quite a lot of money in the acco
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1.) You must post these rules
2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3.) Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal
4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been TAGGED!
5.) Not something stupid like 'you are tagged you read this.'
6.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people
7.) No tag-backs.
8.) Can't say, no tags

1. Who is your favorite Hetalia character?

That's obviously Hong Kong!!!!!
 Hong Kong I like Hong Kong We like Hong Kong That's the place for you *is shot*

2. What dream have you had recently?

Um...being scolded by my least favourite teacher who teachers my fav subject (English)


Erh answering you ^^ If you must ask then I am drinking tea as well 

4. What do you plan to do in the future?

Well earn a lot of money...ahem, I mean, find a good job, probably a doctor or a pharmacist (Of course in the case of I am good enough to become one) and then work hard.

5. Have you set goals that you can achieve in sooner than a year?

Yes, I guess...last year I set a goal of achieving better academic results than the year before and i did it. The result is better than before though it is not like the top mark in the grade. Anyway, I am pleased with that :)

6. Do these questions sound too personal? XD

Aw of course not I am totally find with that!

7. What part of history do you like most?

It's a hard one...I LOVE history and every single bit of it so it is definitely hard to choose, but I would say it should be the period of time after 1840 to present. During this period, China had encountered a lot of failures, such as losing Hong Kong to Britain, losing in the Eight Country Alliance and being cut up by western nations. It is, in fact a painful history for China, but I do think that people learn from the history. Without this part of history, we would not learn that it is essential for a country to be not so arrogant and start to learn good qualities from other countries, which, can be fitted to us humans as well. (God what the heck am I talking about )

8. Are you fluent in any other languages?

Yes! I am fluent in Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese). I used to learn the frog's language before but I just found it a bit too hard ...

9. Are you young, old, in between?

Um...I have no idea. I am obviously young, since I am in my teens but I consider myself quite old XD

10. Are you glad there are no more questions?

I am fine with that! The questions are fun though ^^

1. Who is your favorite Hetalia character?
2. Are you a fujoshi (like me and Hungary)? If so, what is your fav Hetalia pairing? If you have no fav pairing in Hetalia, how about in other mangas and animes?
3. How would you describe yourself?
4. Which is your fav subject at school? Why?
5. Where would you want to go someday?
6. Do you want to beat me up since I tagged you?(ve please don't kill me I am willing to do everything for you!)
7. What part of history do you like most? If no, is there a part of history that you found sad?
8. Are you fluent in any other languages? If no, what language would you like to learn?
9. What kind of music do you like?
10. Do you want more questions?

Tags (please don't beat me up if you don't like it *cries and waves white flag*) Sorry about not using the profile pics since I have no idea how to add the profile pics...


OK, That's it! Hope that I didn't double tagged somebody *face palms*


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